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Thread: NT's CLubbing

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    I don't hate clubs per se but I definitely feel out of place there. Even if I'm on more drugs than the entire dancefloor combined I'm more likely to just wander around and observe or chill on a couch and exchange sarcastic comments with someone than to actually throw myself into it and participate. I actually enjoy taking on this role, but if somebody tries to entice or force me to become more part of the party I tend to get irritated.

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    I have never been clubbing.

    1. I am under 21. Iím not even sure if Iím allowed into clubs yet.

    2. I live in the middle of nowhere, where the nearest club is probably over 100 miles away.

    3. Even if I had the slightest opportunity to go to a club, I probably still wouldnít get around to going to one. Thatís just not my cup of tea anymore. Maybe Iíd go visit once as a detached observer, but thatís about it.

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