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    Quote Originally Posted by teen rose View Post
    True. I used to feel something entirely different inside vs others and world. I felt i have more world inside me than outside. Like more in mind compared to others.
    The S/N axis has always been the hardest one to discern to me.
    In middle school I used to type as an ISTP. And yet, I was more cerebral, absent minded and had poorer physical coordination compared to my peers. At the time it somehow made sense, as I tried to keep my reasoning as concrete as I could and, once my Ti was triggered, I'd get extremely down to earth.
    I don't really think you can type at a young age, but you can find out some traits that can lead to a certain type during late adolescence/adulthood.
    I don't think that it's so personal
    I don't think that it's irreversible
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    I vs E can be differentiated in babies according to psychological studies. Outside of that...get typing people in general down and perhaps then we can ask about age groups. Adults cant even be clearly typed, are you kidding?

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    If we are going by letters only, then I vs E is the easiest. Introverted kids are often not very talkative or social. But it is quite easy to assume a child with communication issues or selective mutism is an introvert, even if they are not. N vs. S is more subtle and you often have to get to know a child in order to determine it. S kids are more present in the moment while N kids seem somewhat detached. The other axes are trickier to define. Either way, the letters are only a code for the cognitive functions of each type.

    But overall, I don't think typing a child is a good move since a child's brain is very malleable. From my personal experience, it isn't until the preteen/middle school years where the top two functions become distinguished (reaching the point where the auxiliary function begins to mature and develop as the dominant cannot fully sustain itself). However, adolescents can be typed, as the dominant function is fully developed and the auxiliary is going through development. This is only from personal observations of myself and other individuals, so it is anecdotal. But this is just the lil' theory I have formed. And many, many unaccounted factors can delay or speed up cognitive development (two I can think of are abuse and how sheltered a person is).
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