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    i don't mind stupidity (don't like using that term when talking about those this post is about) at all if they're the type that can take my ribbing them. if they laugh when i tease, then i like them a lot.

    oh, i may not seek them out, but i don't exactly run if they catch me either.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Liquid_Laser View Post
    I think the thing with me is that I get bored easily. It's more easy for me to get bored by myself, but being with people doesn't always help either. There are a lot of boring people out there. All things being equal I'd rather be with a group though.
    That hits the nail on the head. I'm much more likely to feel bored alone, because I have little outlet for my Ne. I feel like I need to vocalize the many tangents that my mind goes on(people near or not), and when I can't share my many thoughts, I feel stifled. I try to write down things I want to discuss later, and that sometimes helps).
    On the topic of stupidity;
    I love having a person or two who spout off ridiculous crap around, assuming the rest of the group sees them as morons as well. That gives me an outlet for my verbal quickness, and creates a lot of hilarious moments.
    There are some people I would consider no better than no company at all, of course. In fact, a lot of people fall in this group. I like to keep a lot of ENFP friends around though, because they're always game for a quality conversation, even in the midst of morons. They also make very good "teammates", if you will, in situations where conflicts are apt to pop up. They'll blurt out the offensive crap that my INTP friends save for a later time, when we ridicule people privately.

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    I like alone time to an extent, but t can be addictive, you can loose yourself in too many things.

    I like a blance of both but I absolutely must have some alone time or I get very twitchy indeed...

    I actually don't like to spent too much time in very big groups at the best of times, prefering relatively small social scenes


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    Quote Originally Posted by mtaclof View Post
    I am an ENTP, and lately, I've noticed that I have a very difficult time being completely alone. I just find it grating. I've tried reading, doing crossword puzzles, all kinds of other stuff. I just seem to always get bored, put it down, and find someone to chat with.
    It's not damaging my life per se, but it can certainly make particular situations unpleasant. It's also putting a damper on the development of my Ti function, which I feel needs development to be up to snuff with my Ne.
    Any other ENTPs struggle with this? Any suggestions?
    Being loyal to oneself helps to relax and feel comfortable while alone.

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