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    I'd say you and your dad need to stick together

    My best friend is ISTP, and I think he's the mutt's. I really dig you guys, there's something I find comforting and yet fascinating about y'all.

    Not so much luck here with the INFJ's, but... haha... hope you have better!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Qre:us View Post
    Your dad prolly does something to earn himself in the doghouse, with a crazy idea that he *just* *has* *to* *do* cuz he's *so* *sure* *it* *will* *work*. "TRUST ME!" With your mama exasperated at the chronic frustration that can be your dad (and her J). Only to have your dad skillfully, and with a 'gee-gosh' smile smooze back into her good graces, with her fighting to stop the smile from breaking out. To which, your dad, slyly winks in your direction, indicative of 'mission accomplished'.
    ahahahahahaha!! Probably indicative of many ENTP + Feeler relationships.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bamboo View Post
    My dad is an ENTP. Mom an INFJ. I the son, only child, ISTP.

    Theorize what behavior you may expect from the individuals in the family. I'm leaving out detail in order to see how accurate you guys can get with MBTI theory. Call it a game if you like. I'll validate your ideas as you come up with them.

    Oh, and and hi everyone.
    Similar situation.

    My dad is ENTJ, mom is INFJ, I'm ISTx.

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