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    edahn covered it.

    i would add:
    trust takes a long time to be built for intj. being misrecognized and having an inner world that gets expressed VERY rarely sucks. turns people into turtles.

    you're not gonna out-strategize intj. they're wary, they see the big picture and sense what is going on immediately, and if you act aggressively they can be very effective and cutting in their defenses. that's the wrong approach. control and manipulation backfire (thank god!).

    intj wants to share their vision of the world. it is very important. in my experience as infj we share similar absurd humor via Ni dom. we communicate very well. when together both feel free. i don't know how else to get into it. enfp and enfj i could totally see as well. infp to a lesser extent, i cannot foresee the same level of communication between infp and intj, lack of a suitable meeting place, etc.

    intj Fi is like a 6 year old inner child. nostalgic memories. that wants things that feel like home. it gets overpowered most of the time by Ni Te wariness, worry, planning for the future, practicality, "objectivity," etc. if you have something to offer intj Fi, and you take the time to prove it, it can work. but neither of you can be a disaster or the whole thing will topple over. also, the intensity can be VERY demanding.

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    i like what everyones been saying so far. But one thing i notice that no ones said yeah is....

    why don't you just trying telling her that you like her? i mean take the honest way. I, myself find in very hot when a guy tell my straight up how it is. Especially if we where already kind of into each other.

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