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    Quote Originally Posted by Shaula View Post
    I think this is going to be one of those debates that end in "agreeing to disagree" if indeed it doesn't escalate into a flame. Just saying...
    I think we are safe to say it's not ever going to be agreed on, and i truly doubt anyones going to get so personally involved they loose the plot, well I hope not.


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    Quote Originally Posted by tinkerbell
    This thread was for Stimulating world to understand he didn't know what he was talign about, which has been proven over and over again - AKA dumping on something he knows nothing what so ever about....

    So far no one else has state they know what they are talking about
    ive given you three pretty nice posts in a row pretty much ASKING kid gloves off...

    1. you posted this in a public forum. if you wanted to have a pissing contest with stimulated world than you should of stuck w/ PMs. So to dismiss everything else with "this thread wasnt for that" shows a degree of cowardice. topics ebb and flow. this topic happened to flow in a direction that could have been constructive just by answering a few simple questions. you however refused....

    2. in order for it to be known that "no one else knows what they are talking about", you have to show us that there is even something to talk about in the first place. thats the whole point of those three easy questions i repeatedly asked of you. those questions have nothing to do with "because I said so", chronological age, or gender. A 60 year old female scientist studying for example "developmental psychology" would have no problem answering those three questions pertaining to a theory of hers.

    3. saying its never going to be agreed upon is a fucking lame attitude. hash it out, and get the fuck on with it. Stop being lazy, and quantify the components so that it can be evaluated like any other theory. theories that claim "to be special and insulated from science" are just hiding from the fact that they really dont claim anything (ie theories that have no evidence or predictions). things should only be in "we dont know yet" if we are waiting on evidence. that clearly isnt the case here, unless that is, astrology doesnt claim any predictions (in that case it would be a meaningless theory!).

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    I'm so done with this thread. What a joke.
    If you could be anything you want, I bet you'd be disappointed--am I right?

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