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    ISFP females, ESTP male and an ENFP female.

    Most of my interaction is with ISFP females although I find that while they open up to me, venting out their feelings and emotions, I am unable to discuss stuff that I have on my mind. Naturally, they are unable to take the heap fulls of Ne that I express in my thoughts and they loose interest in my conversations very quickly. However, they are good friends in that they are able to help me with situations in which I find it hard to coupe with emotions or feelings. They have also proven to be quite loyal I must say.

    The ESTP male lacks intuitiveness, again, but in addition to that is also more traditional and boxed up in his way of existence. Some times that can get irritating and lead to long periods of us being distant until I can come to terms with his methods over again.

    Although I am not as close to this ENFP female but I believe that I have had the best conversations with her. There is a lot more common ground and most of what I say makes sense to her. That I believe is a very rare find for most NTs.

    With all that said, I am closest to an INTP with whom I can talk about everything and anything.

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    I love INFJs. I get along flawlessly with them. I also enjoy ISFJs, but ISFJs and I can sometimes but heads with each other. I have other close friends, but I don't know their personality type yet.

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    One of my best friends is an ISFJ (female). Sometimes we clash due to our being exact opposite personality types. but for the most part, we balance each other out well.

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    ISFJ girl. She's one of my closest and oldest friends.
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