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    Sigh... parents. It really sucks when you have to be more adult than they are.

    Using your answer above is a viable (and commendable) option, but it will only work if they are looking for an honest answer. Sadly, someone that asks a manipulative and loaded question like that is probably not looking for an honest answer.

    I agree with asking "why do you think I hate you?" or "why are you asking me that?" You'll either get something semi-constructive (you don't do what I ask you to), he'll attack you personally and unconstructively (you go out of your way to embarrass the family), or he won't acknowledge or answer your question.

    If it's the first one, you may have hope of at least making things a bit better. If it's either of the latter two, then the other advice in this thread may prove helpful.

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    A lot of times when I tell people the truth they get all upset and butthurt even if they asked for it in the first place.

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    "I don't hate you at all
    what are you talking about?
    what made you to say such things"

    -> Response...

    "oh really? i think its more of my usual habit.. (excuse)"

    is what i would say. esp if i dont like the person very much.

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