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For some strange reason, I am actually better at higher level maths in comparison to medium-to-low. Perhaps it's because it requires less attention to detail and more conceptualization.
Yes, me too. I was failing math at lower-secondary level because I didn't see the point in learning the quadratic equation and applying it 10-20 times in practice just so that I could pass the exam. I hated the mind-numbing practice. I found a passion in statistics and data modeling when I was about 18 - it made so much SENSE, and was actually useful. But I didn't major in it for other reasons.

I had to make the choice between artsy stuff and hard sciences at university, and the choice was clear to me because I was always going to work in a lab. I still do arts stuff outside of work, but just as a hobby. It wasn't practical to try to make a career with a psychology/philosophy/English/sociology degree, and I don't want to be an academic or teach.