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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaizer View Post
    Courtesy MacGuffin I think : Hearts & Minds - The Boston Globe
    I'm reminded of a phrase from a song, I heard it today and thought, that's kinda cool:

    "the flesh and blood you call your soul."

    It'd be great to run down the brain function that corresponds to "feeling" and "thought", I guess, but for as long as we have conscious control over some "feeling" and some "thought", it's never going to appear to us as that we're having a "brain activity."

    So "thought" and "feeling" are both always going to be conceptually different from "brain activity," aren't they? But research into brain activity will inform the development of the explicitly stated concepts of "thought" and "feeling", right? That'll be cool. Useful too.

    And we're going to find out that "thought" and "feeling" are related? Well, that's alarming.

    Well, maybe not. INTJs will get to be "people" too.

    But it's still not going to be "one size fits all" either, is it? The origins of consciousness still aren't going to alter much of the use of consciousness, are they? I mean, here we are right now, all using our consciousness in the semi-prescribed "different" typological ways...

    Too Philosophy 101? Dunno.

    I like feelings too. I'm just not using them right now. Or... maybe I am... secretly... somewhere deep in my squishy big brain...

    Or am I?


    No, I don't know. Too INTJ to run it down properly. It'd be nice to though, running it down. Might help with this strange sense I get that other types are too "Other" to really comprehend, like different exhibits in the MBTI museum.

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    I just discovered this relatively new video, which is part of a series. Holmes here is a bit "heavier" than I am, I think, but he makes interesting observations.

    YouTube - INTP 3

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    I don't know about all that.. my brain gets so tired with these MBTI puzzles that I can't even try anymore

    I know this:
    I think feelings are important, and I'm an ENTJ.
    But - and this is really me being vulnerable saying this - I'm pretty stupid when it comes to feelings. It's like you're trying to smell something but you can't really grasp it and you have to focus real hard to experience the sensation of smelling, until you finally just give up and say 'alright, fuck it, my sense of smell is terrible, so don't ask me what I'm smelling alright!'
    This is me with feelings.
    I think it's a virtue to put The Ideal on a higher priority than your own feelings.
    If I'm drowning and somebody says 'Well I don't know if I'll jump in an rescue you, the water is cold and I just don't know if I can handle it and I'm very fearful and very depressed also and I have this hypochondria that keeps bugging me....'
    bruised and battered ENTJ sx/sp/so 8w9
    Tri-fix: 8w9 sx/sp - 3w4 sp/sx - 5w6 soc/sx

    (I'm secretly ENxP, but don't tell anyone)

    "Mother, I love you, I never meant to hit you over the head with that shovel."

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