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    Default ILE domain

    You are ENTP if:
    You study theoretical mathematics or other equally abstract and impractical crap.
    You have invented a bike with air-conditioning: interesting in design and construct, but more or less useless.
    People are offended when you tell them that their new coat looks like it came out of a dog's rear end, and you have no idea why that matters to them.
    You think about doing things more than you actually do them
    Your IQ is one decimal place to the right of your EQ.
    People shake their heads compassionately when listening to you.
    You have added at least one point to this list.
    You can give the logical basis for why socionics makes sense, but are obligated to create your own, better, system.
    The phrase "Random Adventure" exhilarates you.
    You can find at least 10 relationships between any combination of the words "orange," "muffin," "bow-tie" and "pineapple"
    You appear alien to others.
    You sometimes feel like you are an alien.
    You wonder if there are aliens.
    Maybe you really are an alien.
    Maybe we're all aliens and the cockroach is the naturally dominant inhabitant of Earth
    ...or you found that joke funny.

    goes on here: ILE domain - Wikisocion

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    This one is nice:

    ILE in Love and Relationships
    AKA Screw You Fi
    Despite the fact that we like to pretend like we don't feel anything ever, ILE's are not, in fact, robots. No, we save that for the ISTP (ZING!). Kidding, kidding.

    But seriously, with Fi PoLR (Point of Least Resistance), we're confused. What is this feeling you speak of? It makes no sense! I can't define it therefore it must not be important! What does this mean without acronyms? It means that we have trouble defining feelings. They're too illogical. That leaves us as generally distrustful and hard to reach on an intimate level. If we don't know our own feelings, how can we possibly know yours? Despite the fact that many ILEs are gregarious and outgoing, many of the emotions we portray are somewhat superficial, a logical reaction to what we believe we should be feeling, which is subsequently translated it into the appropriate physical response. BUT THIS DOES NOT MEAN WE ARE FAKE. We feel things, we just have trouble wrapping our minds around them, leaving them buried beneath a lot of Ti. It takes some extreme emotion in order to overcome the illogic of it. This comes out in movies, books, and tv shows when something terribly traumatizing or exciting happens and suddenly we're crying and we don't know why. It's hard to practice control when you don't even know what something looks like.

    Unfortunately, this is not all. Fi PoLR likes to tag out with Si in the suggestive and suddenly, WHAMO, Hidden Agenda! [...]

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