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    Default Mulder & Scully: A ? from the 90's

    Can someone identify these types for me? They both seem to be NT's, and Mulder is surely a P I think, but I'm not sure if Dana is a P or a J. In one episode I've seen, Fox is shown to have an Ne vision and in another episode, Scully has an Ni vision. I've seen 24 episodes and these are the only two visions I've seen.

    SO, for anyone familiar with the X-Files, are these characters consistent enough to be typed? They both have amazing retention of factoids that they have picked up and very round knowledge, as well as amazing problem solving and analytical skills.

    I'm thinking that Mulder is definitely an xNTP, I want to put my money on ENTP because of the way he is out dealing with the world and its circumstances and his strong Ne always pulling him toward understanding what may be possible. His Ti is also very strong though, so it is hard for me to decide.

    Scully is the ultimate skeptic- breaking down Mulder's left field-theories and demanding logical explanations for the paranormal. She is a coroner and spends virtually all of her time alone in analysis. he looks a lot like an INTP to me.

    It's hard to type fictional characters because they may be inconsistent, but I find both of these characters to be very consistent and well-developed, so I think those of us with a better understanding of MBTI could come to consensus.

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    There is actually a thread already about them. Here, maybe this helps you:
    CLICK =)
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    ESTP? o.O

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