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    I communicate whatever hurts me to those who matter most to me, so I don't hold grudges.

    If I don't like someone or something, I won't pretend to, and at times, I will let them know to their face, because that's how I keep it real. In away, it's a breath of fresh air for me.

    In terms of jealousy, I rarely get jealous. I'll only get jealous say.. over trivial matters, like if I'm watching the foodnetwork and I see Rachel Ray traveling and eating, I'll be like "mother..." It's mostly for jokes/superficiality, because I get hungry watching them enjoy their meals at a nice hotspot while I'm in bed drooling.. =)

    If someone deliberately tries to provoke action to make me upset, I let them know/or ignore them, afterwards, once we get matters settled. I still respect them. Just don't see any point in trying to be all lovey dovey.

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    I've never really got jealous over peoples qualities only their material goods like i'm jealous that all my mates have xbox 360 as i really want one but i'm not jealous that my two best mates are more athletic and better with girls than me (there both SPs).

    There is one quality i envy though. Those people who are able to always smile. I don't just mean the average ExFP i man the really amazing ones who are always laughing and smiling and having fun; i've only met one or two that great. I wouldn't change the way i am to be like them because i am perfectly happy with myself and i would lose alot to be like that but i would like to be more like that which i think i could if i developed my Ne more.
    "I'd never die for my beliefs, I might be wrong"

    "Is it not enough to see that a garden is beautiful without having to believe there are fairys at the bottom of it too"

    "Intelligence is being able to hold too opposing views in the mind at the one time without going crazy" - Now all I need to figure out is if I'm intelligent or crazy!

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    I can get horribly jelous, but usually in an insecure relationship. I often, and strangely enough have bright woemn getting very jelous of me, I think it's because I'm strong minded and not massively insecure, but I don't know for sure. Sometimes its other people who point it out to me that xyz person is jelous as hell of me.

    It's a shame because most of these women I like to begin with, but I end up giving them the wide steer because I don't like it


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