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    Quote Originally Posted by highlander29 View Post
    The robot itself is kinda nightmare-fuel. Entertaining to look at the other inventions. I wonder about the portable sauna.

    I enjoy bitching about bad design irl. But maybe I'm not as into as the guy who authored this very retro website. Decide for yourself if it is all bad design or just that guy whining.
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    Staples brand CD/DVD labels. They don't match any existing Avery template, and Staples doesn't make a template available online. You just have to play with Microsoft Word or whatever application you're using forever until you get it right. Why make a unique label setup and fail to provide a template?
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    In a "Who The Hell Designed This?" thread, don't you pretty much have to start here?

    I mean, really.

    * * *

    How can you hate self-flushing toilets and public faucets you don't need to touch? I love them, though some of the faucets could use refinement.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tallulah View Post
    the faucet that has the spring-action knob. So you can only wash ONE HAND AT A TIME. I want to punch whomever invented that in the throat.
    Can I be next? I want to punch that person in the throat, as well. Time-consuming and unsanitary.

    Quote Originally Posted by ajblaise View Post
    Good one. But why stop at Vista? I feel this way about pretty much every Microsoft product since DOS. Word and Excel are terrible programs that assume all their users are really, really fucking stupid.

    I also hate hate hate Adobe Acrobat and Reader.

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    I hate when you open into a fresh, new bag of tasty, crunchy, amazing potato chips...

    only to discover the bag is already half-empty.

    That's right, half-empty. I don't see how you can be optimistic about that.
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    Potato chip bags are filled with air to protect the chips from being crushed.

    As for infrared flushometers, they need to be recalibrated periodically. Often they're never recalibrated, if they were ever calibrated properly in the first place.

    Spring-loaded faucet levers are designed to allow around 30 seconds to wash your hands. It's a water-saving feature, which is very important for big facilities. When they get to the point they retract immediately and you have to hold it in position to get water out, they need replacing. The mechanism inside is simply worn out.

    Oh, and uh... bump.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tallulah View Post
    HATE the self-flushing toilets. There is nothing worse than having to jump into the air when a toilet flushes with you on it. And if you don't jump, yeah, you guessed, it becomes a bidet. So disgusting.

    I also hate the faucets with sensors on them--apparently I am a vampire that the faucets don't recognize. The only invention worse that that is the faucet that has the spring-action knob. So you can only wash ONE HAND AT A TIME. I want to punch whomever invented that in the throat.
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    This toilet location to this toilet tissue holder location.

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