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    Quote Originally Posted by Nigel Tufnel View Post
    Among people good with figures, I've found that ENTPs major in Econ, ENTJs Finance, ESs in Accounting, and "I"s in physics and engineering. ENTPs then teach themselves science after graduation, in part because we seem to have a natural interest in it, and also because the college engineering classes are filled with foreign students and shy Americans who don't like to create the interactive, constantly debating atmosphere we could get in Econ.
    Mmmm in my econ classes I've always seen more ENTJs than ENTP, even though they were the more "creative" flavor of ENTJ that might be classified as MBTI ENTP on first inspection.
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    Yeah, i think a major in economics would be the most interesting business degree, but don't waste your time, just read The Wealth of Nations. If you can get through that, you'll know more than most econ majors.

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