Yesterday, I spent the day at Cedar Point. It's the first time I've been there since 2000, when Millennium Force opened up as the tallest and fastest coaster in the world at 310 feet in the air rushind down to speeds of up to 93 MPH. It is the first time I've been to an amusement park since 2001, when I went to Geauga Lake (which was still Six Flags, then) to ride the X-Flight, which now resides at fellow Cedar Fair park Kings Island outside of Cincinnati.

The story: I was invited by my cousin to take the trip to Cedar Point. I decided that this year, Cedar Point had a big ride that was really worth the trip. This new big ride is neither the fastest, nor the tallest, nor the longest, but damn, the ride was fun. The Maverick is Cedar Point's premire attraction of 2007, and let me tell you, the ride is not the tame ride its meager size would suggest.

Maverick starts its two-and-a-half minute run speed-crawling up a magnetic lift (which sometimes rolls back, but that's natural for the design) falling down a 95-degree hill (one of the steepest) into a series of speedy ground-hugging turns before reaching a horseshoe roll (basically two back-to-back corkscrew elements) before hitting a second launch in a tunnel, which hits a top speed of 70 MPH into bunny hops and more ground-hugging turns.

Sadly, the ride's signature inversion, which was a heartline roll very close to the ground, was removed due to intensity. It was replaced by a rather intense trick-track-type element that managed to give me a whiplash. That was my ride on the Maverick.

I also rode the Skyhawk, the Blue Streak, the Disaster Transport, the Gemini, and the Millennium Force, and then it started to drizzle a a small bit, but that still left Top Thrill Dragster closed for the remainder of the day.

The Disaster Transport, the park's indoor bobsled coaster formerly known as the Avalanche Run, now has better themeing than I last remembered it. The ride's queue line has restored what was seemed to be formerly used as Cedar Point's storage for Halloweekends props. I was pleasantly surprised to find the cool gadgets of the ride in place. I bought a pair of 3D glasses for the queue to witness the effect of neon colors and artwork shone under the mesmerizing black lights, which lead everything to my white T-shirt to my white teeth to glow.

I'm telling you, I think the Disaster Transport should be the next ride Hollywood makes into a movie -- after success of theme park-based rides such as Pirates of the Caribbean, the Disaster Transport's themeing would make an awesome movie!

Overall, I had an enjoyable stay, despite tired feet from walking and sunburn on my shaved head -- the one place where I didn't apply sun screen. I have pictures of my trip, though none of them are of me, I'm sorry to say -- the batteries died on the camera before I got the chance to take more pictures, but I will post what I do have up later when I feel like it.