I just read the ENTP profile by something called the Midwest Consulting Group. So what's that ? We are still figuring out how many functions there are and they yet publish official papers ? Gonna need someone, who goes to their Consulting group, breaks the front door and lets a dog in with stomach problems.

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I am still wondering about Hank Moodys Type. If it's ENFP or ENTP. I read the Midwest Consulting Group Efforts on ENFP aswell and at least according to these two (Midwest ENTP & ENFP papers), I'ld say he is ENTP. VERY hard to tell, being a fictional character. The only thing I got so far that really convinced me, is that he lacks morale high standpoints. His whole life does not seem THAT idyllic. Well I dont know, the relationship to his family is morally high standardized and very idyllic (at least in his imagination). Could be that ENFP limit their capabilities to close friends, could be that he is an ENTP after all.

What leads me to another topic. How is morale defined in NT's ? Well think about it, I am no asshole and many of you probably aint either. I was in a relationship from age 16-20 and that was one hot phase of my life, but I never cheated on that girl (she eventually cheated on me, big score !). Why didnt I do it ? I loved her. But what is that ? Love. How is it defined through psychlogically assessed cool words like BlueWing has them. (BlueWing if you are reading this, what I guess not, I'ld be honoured if you answer). I would just ask the question, what exactly defines morale within a NT ?

Am I probably missing someone and am I an NF after all, because I have such high morale standards ? Or is it because I myself got hurt and derive the logic from that to not hurt another person close to me, because I know she will never forgive, like I'ld never forgive. At least emotionally.

Nevertheless Found two great songs today, I wanted to share in the first place:

This one needs a long time, until it rocks, but it rocks from minute 3:35 on:

[YOUTUBE="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sUHN_sUDIpc"]Coming Home[/YOUTUBE]

This one rocks from minute 0:00 on:

[YOUTUBE="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vD8KzfPQ9qs"]Holding On[/YOUTUBE]