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    Quote Originally Posted by Algora J View Post
    I think as far as ENTJs go, that they tend to be quite reserved in their personalities. Rather, they do not seem like typical extroverts who party-hardy and all over the place. Most of the ENTJs I have encountered tend to strike people as opinionated, intimidating, and confident/aggressive. However, all the ENTJs I know also happen to have a dark side, in which they chronically suffer from loneliness.

    I would say that ENTJs' greatest fear is being seen as incompetent or financially unsuccessful. As far as being alone with nothing to do, I think a pervasive boredom would indicate an ENTJ who is attempting to fill in the blanks with distractions---distractions really make people feel less in touch with their destiny, and more in tuned with their neuroses, which could be a bad thing for the ENTJ.
    Now this hits it for me.

    I think one of my biggest fears has typically involved doing things that I couldn't master immediately, thus probably a fear of being seen as incompetent. Another is when I don't have something concrete to look forward to and I struggle with finding something--that typically happens as I move from conquest to conquest, always wondering and worried over what the "next big thing" is for me to tackle. It's kind of like I never feel complete and contented for very long until I move onto something else, and sometimes it makes me fearful of what's going to happen in the future.

    Vulnerability's probably in there, too. I hate it when I let my guard down and the other person hasn't, and they end up using my vulnerability against me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DestructoGirl30 View Post
    My husband is an ENTJ and this describes him perfectly. I am always amazed at how intimidated people are of him especially when I know he really is a teddy bear inside.
    Cats are afraid of me
    bruised and battered ENTJ sx/sp/so 8w9
    Tri-fix: 8w9 sx/sp - 3w4 sp/sx - 5w6 soc/sx

    (I'm secretly ENxP, but don't tell anyone)

    "Mother, I love you, I never meant to hit you over the head with that shovel."

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    I'm afraid to be vulnerable. A girl once asked me what my passion was. I mocked her because I was to afraid to answer.

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    I think my fear is basically a dead-end lifestyle. However, I'm always working towards changing this, so it's not a huge issue.

    ETA: Another thing I'd say I may not necessarily fear but certainly dislike is feeling weak or incapable.

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