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    Quote Originally Posted by Connoisseur View Post
    Thank you, that was a well-thought-out response.
    Most of the time I'm trying to act in a way that is building a better future for everybody, even if I end up contributing more than I'd get out of it. I just get pissed whenever other people don't believe in positive-sum cooperation, and just consider me to be a sucker. I then try to silence my Fi by thinking about things that are the opposite of morality. Such encounters make me question the benefits of Fi.
    Interestingly enough, describing it now makes me more aware of the thought traps that I can potentially fall into.
    Yeah, people can be selfish and try to push that belief onto others. For a while I was considering just being selfish, like maybe the whole co-operation thing was ill-founded. Now I'm more secure in my position, and I doubt others can persuade me otherwise.
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    I do experience intense emotions that can be overwhelming at times but I've never been mistaken for a feeling type before. As a matter of fact, I've been told on more than one occasion that I'm a strong thinking type. Maybe it's because my intense emotions are largely kept private (Fi in tertiary) and people usually see the rational and analytical side of me (Te in auxiliary). And INFJs, with their auxiliary Fe, are more socially adept than I am. INTJs, instead of having the socially-adept Fe, has a Te that manifests itself as a forthright manner.

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