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    Quote Originally Posted by Aimahn View Post
    Ti is more like a constant filter on you perceptions. Like a logical bullshit detector. There is always a need to refer to it sort of like a comfort mechanism when dealing with things, In dominant Ti types it is the most comfortable function therefore usually the most relied upon. The same could be said of all other dominant functions. To really mature and become more balanced you learn to suppress the need to refer to it or at least weigh its importance in accordance to the situation.

    Sympathy is more in the grounds of Fe and it is not something that is usually valued too much by Ti dominants because it strives for harmony too much, even in direct opposition logical reasoning. Ti is more empathetic and strives more for logical consistency therefore it is easier to be empathetic because it involves seeing things from another perception and logically analyzing your thought process from that perspective.

    Ohhhh I see. Thanks.

    Emotions are still universal though right? Heh yes of course they are I don't even know why I'm asking.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bella View Post
    I can relate to the second half of this. I've never been able to express it like that.
    I know! That's one of the reasons NTs are so awesome. They're so good at putting things into words...and not just that, they get the exact right shade of meaning too.

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    So... "Ever felt like a Feeler?"

    Well, quite often in fact. I even thought I was one until some friends noticed some curious anomalies. Cognitive tests seem to show I would have a very high Fe, but this is a normal behavior for adult ENTPs.

    Ne-dom types usually don't mind showing their emotions, even in public. We just follow our inspiration, ours whims, and since they vary, and vary, and shift all the time, our behavior follows, thus inducing a wide palette of expressions. Since Ne-dom types always see possibilities everywhere, let's say they often make pretty good actors (but acting is quite different than the mimicking trick often used by INTPs).

    Being NT or NF doesn't mean one side is more emotional in appearance than the other. It's just a difference based on our decision-making process.


    Ti and Fe are often considered as opposite functions, but in fact, when you look closely, you can see they have a lot in common, depending on the way you use those functions.
    Both functions are in fact quite impersonal. Ti is a pure analytical tool, while Fe is a global attitude, a good disposition you have when you meet new people, so they are not that much exclusive. I find urban crowds fascinating, exhilarating: that's my Fe working.

    And I see my Fe as a way to refine a raw Ti that might be too brutal if used improperly.
    I'd say a high Fe is also very useful to manipulate or tease people the right way, but I don't want to frighten anybody.

    On the other hand, I would say that the true opposites (at least for me) are Ti and Fi, or Te and Fe. Here the conflict is inevitable, since both functions occur at the same level. For instance, I'd say I can't be entirely skeptical (->Ti) and moral (->Fi) at the same time. When I have to take a decision, I have to choose.
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