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Anyway, back to the OP:

The point is that any introverted function has 'future-predicting' capabilites. Si goes by what has been internalized, Fi goes by motivations, and Ti goes by logic. Ni is only regarded as being the most future-predicty of the four because the way it works is it can't take in everything and only considers the information that catches the mind's eye, and yet can somehow churn out something useful.
That is an intresting point.

My INFJ for example has the ability to have hunches about the future of patients in her hospital for example that are not always derived from logic. It's no vision thing, it's more like she has a deeper understanding as macabre as it sounds, when death comes. Maybe she i the grim reaper after all and is just pretending that she "knows" what is going to happen on a sadistic ironical basis .

What's really intresting about your point hap, is the expansion onto other introverted functions. Would at least deliver a new attacking point to counter-attack introverted weirdos