Poll Results

View Poll Results: what convinces currently, that you are a peceiver

  • cannot plan my live, dont know what i want, just try to get by, hope to get inspired by people

    2 16.67%
    1. Kurt.Is.God,
    2. prplchknz
  • i strongly feel about stuff, so i quit a lot of jobs, relationships, apartments. fairly wild life.

    1 8.33%
    1. CrystalViolet
  • i am so aware of feeling something about everything, that I must be an introverted feeling type.

    8 66.67%
    1. 1AuroraAngel1,
    2. BlackCat,
    3. Bubbles,
    4. hugin,
    5. Leysing,
    6. niki,
    7. pure_sterling,
    8. Southern Kross
  • i might be the only one who understands introverted intuition, so i know that i a perceiver at core

    1 8.33%
    1. Nameless Hero
  • i just took some of those tests...

    0 0%
  • yeah, me too, but my test was on a shady russian site, labeled nazionic, tocotronic or something

    0 0%
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