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    as an INFJ. i just don't give a shit. I mean like, i know people are gonna be watching me. I feel uncomfortable because they are watching me. So to be comfortable I just be myself, and let go. theyll end up thinking i'm weird for a little while, and not get me, then after a little while they'll understand, i'll be their friend, then it goes melancholic, then i can finally be myself 'cause they understand me!

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    I have always hoped to find a job with some sort of greater meaning or purpose. In earlier times I would have wanted to be some sort of explorer charting new territory or making new discoveries. Those sort of jobs exist today probably, but there is such an emphasis on specialization, and also a huge amount of service jobs that require providing customer service or selling things. I have yet to find anything that provides what I want and my expectations are probably too high. I definitely know that I don't want to work at a bank forever though
    There are miles to go before I sleep...

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    Yea, my job effects me tremendously. I left the professional world to go back to scool because my job sucked the life out of me & I ended up in a deep depression as a result. My current "pay the bills while I'm in school" job sucks the life out of me the same way, but since I know it's temporary & I'm working towards my goal of another career, I tend to keep my job related meltdowns to a minimum.

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