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Thread: INFJ Mask(s)

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    Default INFJ Mask(s)

    Any of my fellow INFJ's who have created 'masks' to blend in with their respective environment? I notice I have two primary masks that I put on to survive social situations; that being my ENFJ and ISFP mask. I wear my ENFJ mask for when I have to take charge as a leader and/or lead people in the right direction within a public setting. My ISFP mask is worn for when I initiate small talk with other sensor types or when just simply letting myself have fun at a party/social event.

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    I wouldn't say I have masks,but certainly I tend to be what is missing in a situation. In the absence of leadership, I take charge. If someone is very quiet, I'll make overtures to them. Around someone who is very extroverted I'm more of an audience member and observer, one on one I'm pretty talkative and open, in groups I have little to say etc. I think it's not consciously done, but I do tend to want to accommodate the most people possible, which is one reason I find it hard to bring disparate groups of my friends together, as it is difficult to adequately bridge the gaps needed so everyone is engaged and comfortable.
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