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    Quote Originally Posted by paradox View Post
    Lewis Grizzard - ENFP
    Thomas Jefferson - ENFP
    Alexander Hamilton - ENFP

    A lot of prolific writers I would think are ENFP's who have learned to stay on task or INFP's
    Was reading through this thread and came across this, something dear and near to my heart - with all due respect, I honestly can't believe anyone listed Jefferson as an E! I've yet to hear a convincing argument for him as anything but INTP (and Hamilton as ENTJ, for that matter).

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    According to Kiersey, the Women's suffrage movement, at least in America, was lead by ENFP's.

    Joan of Arc- INFP
    Ghandi- INFJ
    Martin Luther King Jr. - ENFJ?

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    Maria Callas: INFP
    Mark Twain: ENFP
    Joseph Campbel: INFJ, INFP or ENFP
    Dame Joan Sutherland: INFP

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