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    [QUOTE=eternitybc;360666]HELP! I hate my job. Well, for several reasons - one being that it's in IT (INFP as a systems analyst? No brainer why I dislike it).

    What makes it UNbearable is a co-worker, who's ISTJ. Now, he was promoted to "Team Lead" over a year ago (my team lead). But I hate working with him. I feel like I'm just being a stubborn child who doesn't like being told what to do, but he just rubs me the wrong way. Constantly!


    I feel with you!! I'm in the exact same situation (though working as a recruiter, but I've been a system analyst too and hated it!!!). My teamleader now is an ISTJ (yes, we did MBTI at work) and just like you describe, I feel like a rebellious child! And he is like a parent keeping track of every tiny little thing I do. He just explodes about every detail, last week he freaked out because I was 4 minutes late in the morning!! One thing that I just don't understand..why is it always XSTJ:s that become teamleaders?? Good leadership is not about controlling coworkers, when will people understand that??

    I will stop whining now , but thanks for this thread and the opportunity to do so! I hope you will find a solution on how to work with your ISTJ teamlead . I just try to ignore mine..I manage to do so sometimes...

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    One of the things you need to do (is if you think you're right and he's wrong) is to try your best to reason with him- and explain why your way works better logically rather than blowing up at him or saying nothing.
    I hate generalizing things with types but those who prefer T over F probably will listen to a logical argument.
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    My best friend (INFP) has an ISTJ girlfriend and they are very compatible. She's a real couch potato for an ISTJ though. Just throwin it out there.

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