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Me too.

Very curious, do other people (ENFPs?) happen to feel this way too? That dressing up is like.. transporting! (yes I sound like a starry-eyed 5-year-old 'Pink Princess' Barbie type now) Okay, yes obviously throwing on some new rags won't change what youre like inside -.- Duh.

But what i meant was, i find dressing up to somewhat... empowering? Like, you can find different traces/elements of yourself when you wear different outfits (eg. you become more free-spirited and laidback when dressing boho/folksy, or more serious/task-oriented when dressed more professionally). Is this true for other people, too? Or am i just being weird and superficial? Haha
No way, I'm totally like that - and I take it one step further. I like to get all dolled up and then have pictures taken. It's my form of art!