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    Quote Originally Posted by Crystal Winter Dream View Post
    I think a lot of people assume logic and religion do not mix, but I've known some very logical people who are religious. A church preacher I knew, I am fairly sure he is actually an ENTP. He shows most of the characteristics. And I think you NTs can have really unique perspectives on how religion plays in with logic and practical matters.
    I definitely believe you about that preacher. I'm pretty sure the church I was raised in is currently being led by an INT! Since I don't attend there anymore, I haven't had much opportunity to see him speak, but the few times I have, I was impressed by his very thorough analysis of the subject matter. There was definitely a rational, evidence-based argument style to it coupled with a lot of intuitive-type insights and associations.
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    Obviously it would vary within types and with every individual, but in my opinion the most likely would be those with a preference for Si and Fe: Someone who tends to value and adhere to tradition or expected views of the large group. I would think least likely would be NT types: Types that enjoy abstract theory and formulating new ideas as well as using logic instead of subjective values and feelings.

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    I think if we look at it from the perspective of how spiritual they may be, then I would say Ni users are the most likely. But, with organised religion I think any type can be religious.

    When I say spiritual I refer to all forms of pagan and sacred views which are ancient and not particularly 'following a religion'.

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