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    Default How do ENFJ males show interest? (not just friendliness)

    How do I know if this ENFJ likes me more than a friend? I know that ENFJs just like INFPs and ENFPs tend to be super friendly with everyone.

    So how do you act when you have a crush on someone? And how is it different from your usual friendliness?

    This a bit of TL;DR
    We usually talk mostly about deep topics in person and also through texting. He always responds with long and thoughtful messages. We were once watching each other perform. I asked him if he was nervous. He said that he never gets nervous. I said "Yeah right, I saw that you were nervous!", he told me "OK, I was but only in front of you." (he was shy when he said this) I was just like "Ha ha ha, good joke, but I'm always nervous too", but he said that he never get nervous, only now. I didn't know what to say to that since I couldn't figure out if he was joking. We were texting for about a week when he told me that there's this one concert with our professor and that he hadn't seen it but had heard it's good and if I don't have anything to do that time, there's an option. He always responds to my messages and our conversation usually ends for a day or two if I'm the one not replying/asking a new question. There have even been times when I've read the message and haven't responded yet and he later writes something more. I once told him that I like how he responds to my messages and he said that he likes that I like it. :) So the day came of the concert and he hadn't texted me and I thought that he'll flake out. So I asked him if we're going. And he replied with "Yes, of course!" But then he acted strange... He was like "How will I recognize you?" (there was this other time when I went to my lesson and opened the door and he was sitting inside the classroom, he told me "Oh, I didn't recognize you", even though we had met like two days ago and we've met several times...). I told him that I'll recognize him. And he said that we rarely see each other. Is he messing with me? Or can't he seriously remember what I look like (and he can see me social media profiles...)? Or he is trying to imply that we should see each other more often? We joked, smiled a lot, talked etc. Some things that could indicate interest - he touched me several times. He wrapped his hand around my waist to pull me ahead when we were walking out, he also touched my lower back several times to push me forward or guide me. There were also many accidental touchings. At one point he told me that I had large pupils (I've always had a bit larger pupils than normal since I was born but I don't use anything :D) and he said that it's like instant attraction or something. He asked me what I like to eat a few times...? When we said goodbye he went in for a hug and I did a stupid thing - I patted him on the back.. it was a hug with a pat (hopefully he won't overanalyze this). He also thanked me for coming and said it was nice then corrected that the concert was nice.... Oh and there have been other times when he has scheduled his practice time right after mine (because he overheard when I have it) and came early in time when I come so he could see me. He didn't confess this to me but I thought it was pretty obvious. Why would you come that early?

    It feels like he likes me but then makes weird comments? And pretends he doesn't care that much?

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    He might like you, it also might just be his personality. If you want to know for sure, ask him on a date, and state specifically that it is a date.

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