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    Red face My Article - 3 Types Of INFJs

    Hello all. I wrote an article on 3 different types of INFJs I see in society. Can you please tell me if you resonate with any of this and your thoughts and opinions on it. (Of course in a kindly, friendly, way please.)

    Different Types Of INFJs

    According to my understanding, all introverts are subjective characters and the attitude of the auxiliary function always depends on the dominant function. So for the INFJ, Extraverted Feeling, (Fe), will not present itself like it would in an ENFJ but it is rather used more subjectively. Fe in INFJs will wrap around Introverted Intuition, (Ni), their dominant function, to support it. In my mind, Introverted Intuition is the function most dealing with the psyche of humanity. I thought it was important to point that out so that readers can remain aware of that as they read through this article.

    1.The Psychologist - INFJs leading function, Introverted Intuition, Ni, allows them to passively read into the psyche of others and naturally makes them interested in human behavior. If you couple this with Extraverted Feeling, (Ni+Fe), this makes INFJs sometimes interested in seeking out to pick the minds of others' apart in attempt to help them up out of ruts. This makes the INFJ a natural psychologist and perhaps, therapist. The INFJ is good at listening to others' problems and prefers to do so without personal judgement. (I.E.. "This person is evil, this person is nasty, ..etc.) Psychologists will even encourage others to vent out their feelings and they have a natural ability to make others feel so at ease that they can tell the Psychologist their secrets. They don't believe in shaming people in public, especially if their true nature is that they automatically understand the psychological makeup of humanity. When Ni+Fe is used in a healthy manner, these types of INFJs are more than likely great at keeping secrets and whoever vents to them has nothing to worry about as far as their secrets leaking out to the public, goes. These types of INFJs have a natural understanding of the psychological makeup of humanity, including their own psyche and this makes them laid back from personal judgments of others. This isn't to say that these INFJs have no opinions because they definitely do but these are kept to themselves for the sake of understanding the psyche of human nature and catering to individuals so they don't feel judged. (Ni/Fe/Ti) Although I nicknamed this type of INFJ 'The Psychologist" this does not mean that if you are this type of INFJ, you pursued a career in psychology. It just means in everyday life, you pick up on others' psychological nature and the general nature of society and go about things, accordingly. Generally, this type of INFJ describes the combination of others' psychological nature and extraverted feeling tones as a "vibe" from others. For example: Someone will go up to the INFJ and ask, "We're you going to drink this Coke?" The INFJ will get the "vibe" that this person asked because they are thirsty and would like to drink the coke, even though the person didn't flat out ask. This is the INFJ's keen awareness of the way human behavior and generally, natural things in life works, even if they've never consciously studied human behavior or other happenings in life, in such a manner where they should know. So, the INFJ says, "Nope. Do you want it?" -- Catering to the others' desire to drink the coke. This is the way Fe caters to Ni in a very normal way in society. Another example is this: I consider myself to be a "weather geek" meaning I love thunderstorms, rain, snow, and etc. I've been telling my mother for years that Mammatus Clouds indicate severe weather. I don't have an education in Meteorology nor have I consciously studied topics on weather to have known this but I somehow got it right. In such a case, due to the fact I go out and look at storms with my eyes, I wasn't aware of the patterns of the weather I was picking up..but clearly, this was/is the case and is generally how Ni/Se works. These types of INFJs probably find themselves a little frustrated at society because there's so much judgment and not enough understanding of what is going on beneath the surface. Psychologists can also probably give you the run down of society as a whole and where they are headed. Everyone has this side to them but INFJs go through life, constantly picking up such psychological ques from you, society and natural occurrences around them. Of course, this is due to unconscious Extraverted Sensation, (Se) and other unconscious functions coming together to aide Ni.

    2. The Mystical Artist - These types of INFJs are the quietest because they seek to express their Introverted Intuitive perception through art such as painting, sculpting, writing, singing, and etc. To further explain, INFJs are constantly picking up ques from nature, the atmosphere and their overall surroundings in a passive manner via unconscious Extraverted Sensing, (Se.) This could produce a weird perception of reality for this type of INFJ, which is obviously hard to explain. This type of INFJ, is similar to the the ISFJ- Artist in that they will seek to express these weird perceptions through Extraverted Sensation. The ISFJ gets impressions and is impacted by people, places, and things but this type of INFJ goes through life in a sort of disassociated manner, which produces a dream-like reality for them. (If I had to compare this with a psychiatric disorder, I'd say Depersonalization and Derealization.) These types of INFJs may describe things such as the atmosphere in the city, room, or general universe is changing and then they seek to fix themselves or their surroundings according to how they are perceiving these "energies." Introverted Sensation is guided by items surrounding it but for this type of Introverted Intuitive, it seems as though there is truly nothing to go on and that is the difference. Mystic Artists may call them "energies" which is part of Ni symbolism and metaphor but often, this type of INFJ doesn't realize what is going on within their psyche unless they begin to study psychology. What's going on is that they are unconsciously interpreting their (Se) surroundings and the unconscious is bringing it together in such a way that by the time it reaches consciousness, it is distorted. If this INFJ were to describe these things, he or she would come across as a lunatic the same way the ISFJ-Artist would, trying to describe one's impressions of a hair brush. So, this type of INFJ is better off to try to project his or her psychological perceptions of reality into music, sculpture, poetry, or anything else artistic they can to express themselves. This type of INFJ appears as the most removed, fickle and unpredictable to outsiders because they are literally guided by their Introverted Intuitive perception of reality and change with the psychological energies that seem to present themselves to this type. Overall, it is no telling how this type of INFJ would use Fe as it would become extremely dependent on one's dominant function, (Ni), thus making them similar to the IEI-Ni subtype in Socionics. One could only hope or guess that others are perceiving life the way the Mystic Artist does, through his or her art. More than likely though, this isn't the case..because it is too subjective to ever tell. It is wise not to assume that everyone who paints is an SP type as ISFJ and INFJs and even perhaps, INTJs with a Ni subtype pick up this ability as well.

    3. The Spiritualist - Sure, Introverted Intuition isn't a 'spiritual' function but you can gather that INFJs and INTJs will be more than likely the types to lean towards living a spiritualist kind of life. By the term, spiritual, I mean as far as paying attention to things one can't verify through the 5 senses. It's obvious how this is used in the normal sense to pick up on ques but no one ever seems to dive deep into how deep the psychological nature of Ni users, goes or how far it can go. The Spiritualist is the INFJ who dives into such metaphysical studies such as channeling for instant answers, spirit guides, tarot cards, astrology, (Which can also be given to INTJ because Astrology is a psycho-intuitive process, the measurement of time.. and it gives predictions of future events.) prophetic dreams, and etc. This isn't to say tarot cards, metaphysics, or etc is Ni in and of itself but the way these materials are used and what for, is what makes it Introverted Intuition, (Ni.) For those who prefer a more concrete explanation for this: a lot of psychologists would say all of these things are the subconscious at work and only reflect our own psyche back to us. For this reason, one might say some usefulness could come out of all of the metaphysical and esoteric stuff because one gets to know their subconscious on a deeper level, while others suggest these things are actually working the way they are presented. I will save the argument because there really is no way to know, although, often times the Spiritual Teacher feels as though they do know. Yet this isn't a rational feeling but an irrational feeling, stimulated by Introverted Intuition. (Ni) The Spiritual Teacher has a habit of perceiving information, (insight via Ni by any means), and trying to apply it to their lives and may try to use it to help others' lives. They will have insights about life with no prior experience and will come up with teachings to help others how they see fit. This doesn't mean they have to be good according others as if they are unhealthy, they can lead others in what society would deem a universally bad way. They often can be seen as prophets or channelers of higher spirits and come bearing a message from what they claim to be higher beings, whether false prophets or true prophets. The nature of Ni is that one will never be able to tell, even if the prophecy did appear to come true. (Jung used John The Baptist as an example of this character.) Contrary to popular belief, you still find these types of INFJs in society and you can especially look on Youtube and find them. These types are sometimes considered old souls, wise beyond their years, and odd among the concrete normal, concrete dominated society, aka regular folks. They live life based on what they deem the meaning of it, which they reach through insights, although they cannot explain how they got those insights.This is what separates these insights from Universal or Objective Thinking, Extaverted Thinking, (Te) and Theosophy. It isn't like someone who sat around pondering the meaning of life but rather one who just woke up knowing the meaning of life, if you will. To the spiritual teacher, it is as easy as knowing the color of your skin and they will insist that "they don't know how they know, they just know" which might drive a reasonable mind, insane. These types of INFJs are also more likely to be teachers of certain philosophy for the betterment of others.

    Please keep in mind that although I wrote abut 3 specific types of INFJs, if you are an INFJ, you may relate to 1, 2, or all 3 of these.

    Inferior Extraverted Sensation

    In all 3 types of INFJs, there is inferior Extraverted Sensation, (Se), which rears its ugly head pretty much the same in all of them. For example, what is to be considered normal type of INFJ - The Psychologist, becomes overwhelmed and will seek to withdrawal from society. They may overindulge on food, become compulsive, impulsive, and impatient with others, until they finally collapse. The Mystic Artist may be at risk of losing touch with reality without a sufficient way to express, while compulsively continuing to indulge in sensory pleasures and becoming more judgmental of life, in general. The Spiritual Teacher may begin to become irritated with society and others who lead "normal and concrete" lives, overly depend on channeling spirits, getting insights and reading too deep into them and teaching others information that they themselves even only partially understand. They may also be at risk of becoming obsessed with a specific prophecy or theory of impending apocalyptic doom. In general INFJs are not out of touch with emotions. In fact, they can be in touch with their personal emotions but they often try to pin these down if they are catering to others. However, if they need to vent, they will want to and during times of stress, they will have outbursts that are sometimes, not pretty. When I say, "under stress" I don't mean only when they get burnt out but also when they get irritated or impatient with others. They are more likely be become hysterical. (Fe/Ti).

    I wrote an article about this, already but the best way to deal with Inferior Se is to change one's surroundings. Go out and be in nature, play a sport, exercise, ride bikes, or try rearranging the furniture in your house. Remember, your dominant function is truly orientated by your surroundings via your inferior, so this, (Se), will also be a key to resolving the issue.

    This blog was one telling of the different types of INFJs in society based on my own comprehension of the functions, described by Jung, my understanding of how they work together, and my observations of these types I see in society. (As well as myself.) I understand this entire thing is a theory and please know that I'm aware my blog posts are not the end all be all. If it resonates with you and makes sense to you, that is great. If not, you may chime in and correct me where you disagree... just make sure you are nice about it and there will be no issues.
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    I don't know a ton of INFJs in real life, but I can definitely say that I relate to the Psychologist description. I like to get to understand how people tick, and it's one of the things that makes me enjoy teaching. I probably sometimes hold back on my opinions because I like understanding how other people think, to the point where people project what they imagine to me on what they deem to be a blank canvas, when really I am a fairly opinionated person internally. Under a lot of stress, I definitely end up overindulging in various Se outlets. It's not as extreme as it once was, but I used to be aware that I was upset when I started buying celebrity gossip magazines and drinking Coke.
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    Is there a link to the rest of the types. (Yeah I'm self absorbed).


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    I do relate to all 3 in a way. I do just want to say though is that often with #1, this sort of "intuition" makes the stranger often spoiled. If I read someone's mind (not literally of course, just metaphorically) they will want me to read them again and again and again. But it isn't reciprocated and you can fall easy for manipulation.

    Most people won't get what I'm talking about. Lol

    On #2, I am a little bit different as I am someone who vocalizes their thoughts a little bit out of anxiety but I can see the sheer quietness coming from Jung's Ni description.

    For me #3 can be a trap often, it leads to much indecision because anything could be interpreted that one could be held by the will of things that may not exist (at least in this dimension)
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    This article is very interesting and useful. No two INFJs are the same. When first testing as the type, I knew I would be a terrible psychologist and was seeing a lot of descriptions and articles implying that this is an ideal job for INFJs. I want to be there for friends but I can be insensitive at times and definitely have my limits with people's ramblings. I observe people from a distance sometimes or fill my niche in the group but too direct contact makes me want to run in the other direction. If someone is close enough to me, I feel honored when people vent but if it is unsolicited venting from someone who I am not close to or don't want to get close to, it's plain uncomfortable and makes my skin crawl.

    Human behavior does interest me but I'm an awkward potato. Out of these, "the Mystical Artist" subtype definitely fits me best. I express myself a lot through drawing and film. There is something so liberating and freeing about getting my ideas out on paper. There is no right or wrong way to do art and it is up to an individual to find their own style. When a new idea sparks, it doesn't want to go away so I want to get it out before it goes stale. These are areas I have complete freedom in and I am extreme on the introvert scale. When out in an unfamiliar chaotic environment, my sensing functions are weak. I would say they are weak compared to the other functions in my main stack of 4 in general, they are parts of me that I am uneasy with when dipping into them but when a space of safety and aloness, I can fully experience my se being the glue that holds the stack together. The ni is till at work with the fe, but the lower functions work with it too.

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