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    Default infj philosophers?

    infj philosophers like plotinus,plato, and even infj poets like Leo Tolstoy and fyodor dostoevsky and infjs in general have this spiritual quality to them . like they very holistic,alot speaks on the true inner self,like tolstoy said you are just a mirror and peoples insults are only a reflection in the mirror,that sought of thing,like ehkart tolle an infj speaks on how he found his true self,inner self,being one again,or one with the whole,infjs are very good at seeing there inner core of being,very poetic,like alot of infjs tend to follow this enlightenment were they enjoy seeing themselfs in that space,i cant explain it,but how do you guys identify with this?,i think perhaps infjs are good at understand the ego vs true self?

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    - Tolle is an ENFJ. Not INFJ, not going to be INFJ.
    - What is a self?
    - What is inner core of being but truth, and how poetic can truth be?
    - Jung is an INFJ, he's quite good though.
    - Karen Horney, whom I type as INTJ, is a psychologist and also quite good about the notion of the idealized self vs. true self. So is Erich Fromm, who is another ENFJ.
    - Bottom line; I think you should elaborate on your arguments for your own sake, for it seems that you yourself have a vague idea about the notions that you are mentioning. I agree with Plato and Dostoyevsky though, they are both very good at captivating what "human" is, or rather might be.
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