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    Default ENFPs: Why do you love INFJs? What do you like about them?

    What do ENFPs like about INFJs?
    The Mental Illness of Each Myers Briggs Type

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    INTJ Personality

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    INFJs have got to be the weirdest bunch of people. I still don't know what makes them all similar to one another apart from the weird vibe I get from them that I can't put in words. So it makes it very hard to answer...unlike other types. I think I seem to repel them in my current incarnation for whatever reason....but then again I haven't actually met many. It's annoying because intuitively all other types I can get a feeling for where we overlap and where we don't...I get a feeling for what would keep us interested in each other and what wouldn't...but INFJs seem to throw my spider sense a bit off.

    I need more samples to make an accurate assesment. The one trait I admire that I can see in some is that they can be quite visionary. That is hot to me. Maybe I just haven't discussed cool enough stuff with some of the INFJs I've interacted with...or I've met the shitty ones. We need to go deeper maybe to find that common stuff.
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    as an xNFP I can say my experience with INFJs has been wonderful. It is more like they know how to see through my walls, into my world, and translate what I am thinking and feeling. Kind of beautiful, feeling understood for once.
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