An ENFP born under the sign of Aries is bound to have an inner fire and restlessness that compels them to be always active. They likely have clever minds and have a love for repartee and verbal jousting They are probably competitive and confident and unafraid to go after what they want. Although headstrong, they project a persona that is affable and receptive to other’s opinions. The Aries ENFP might seem nosy at times and have a tendency to ask invasive questions or push other’s buttons just to get a reaction. They like to test boundaries, but with their natural charm and charisma, they are generally able to get away with it. This type of ENFP is probably especially impulsive and impatient with perhaps an accentuated ego to boot.


The Taurus ENFP may be something of a lothario beyond that of the normal ENFP. They are highly creative and imaginative romantica and they appreciate the good things in life. Despite the unstructured nature of their perceiving preference, the Taurus ENFP likely places high import on stability and security. They are probably excellent providers and emotional supporters of their loved ones. They may have an emotional response to money though and may on occasion be imprudent with their finances. They love to spoil their loved ones especially because they love being appreciated and the gratitude they receive from helping others. They have to may have to exercise some restraint though and be mindful of what they can realistically afford.


The Gemini ENFP is likely to be a very charismatic character and they are bound to be popular and well liked by many. They have a way with words and are often quick witted and humorous. They may have a poetic bend to them as well and may spontaneously quote Shakespeare while refueling their car at the gas station. They may appear more flamboyant than other ENFPs and dress in unique and edgy styles of clothing. They have the ability to toe the line between being likeable and outrageous and they seem to always know just what to say to put others at ease when they are pissed of at them.

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