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    Default Variations of the INFP Personality Based on Astrology Sign


    An Aries INFP is likely to exude an inner strength and presence that makes them appear more confident than other INFPs. They may be compassionate like the typical INFP but their ego and sense of self might be more accentuated. The sign of Aries is associated with independence and carving out a path of one’s own design and these traits are naturally in line with the INFP’s set of traits. This INFP will likely be a bit more tenacious and risk-taking with a willingness to stick their neck out to reap the glory. These folks may be very passionate individuals who want to pursue what they feel strongly about. They may be a bit stubborn and impatient though and inclined to making ill-advised decisions while ignoring the counsel of others. An INFP Aries may possess more courage and drive to actualize their dreams than other INFP types who are known to often procrastinate.

    Vincent Van Gogh (INFP born March 30)


    A Taurus INFP person likely has a casual way about them that puts others at ease. They are strong individuals though and their kindness and sensitivity should not be mistaken for weakness. They are down to earth and authentic and probably place high import on virtue and ethical values. The INFP Taurus may struggle between their desire for security and stability and their need to explore and grow. Sometimes they may become complacent and stagnate when they become too comfortable. They are lovers of beauty and they possess fine taste and an eye for quality. These folks appreciate uniqueness and novelty in both objects and people and so they may take interest in things that other people find weird. The INFP Taurus is likely very creative and may possess talent for art and writing and possibly a pleasant singing voice.

    Soren Kierkegaard (INFP born May 5)


    The INFP Gemini may possess alot of nervous energy and an inner restlessness that compels them to dabble in many things. They may be very friendly and engaging among people they have warmed up to and they are likely good with words and might display an aureate vocabulary. Even though they are introverted, they enjoy the company of mentally stimulating people and they themselves can get really talkative when discussing what they are passionate about. They have a fanciful imagination and a quirky sense of humor that not everybody may appreciate. They are not conformists; they march to their own drummer promoting their individuality and may even come across as narcissistic. Their moods can shift abruptly from cheerful to choleric to depressive. They want to be true to what they believe is right and they will become more outspoken when they feel their personal values are being compromised.

    Johnny Depp (INFP born June 9)

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    The INFP personality is almost indistinguishable from the sign of Pisces. They are both described as dreamers and idealists with a deep and vivid inner world. The INFP and Pisces are highly imaginative and their creativity is fueled by a fascination with abstract ideas and impressions they form about the world. They are unique and off-beat, but very compassionate and kind. They have difficulty being objective and keeping their emotions from impacting their judgement. They are prone to emotional ups and downs and depression can pose a problem. Their sensitive natures may compel them to frequently withdraw from the world and it’s harsh realities. Escapism and creative outlets provide a refuge through which they can recharge their batteries and restore emotional balance.
    Kurt Cobain (INFP born February 20)

    This was a really interesting read! I have always wondered how zodiac and type affect each other ^^
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