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    Unhappy INFP and hipocrisis?

    Good evening to everyone here,

    I'm an INXJ and for some time I have this issue with an INFP girl. In many ways she acts like a typical INFP, but I've noticed (one) her trait, that really dosen't match with this type - hypocrisis. She likes to allege, that she is so unconflictive, wouln'd hurt a fly, is an "artist" (she talks about HER art and her being an misunderstood artist really often) - she draws this faces without eyes on every single piece of paper or whatever... She is also a vegan a tries to make everybody vegan, as well. Since last year, she is unfortunately behaving as an great hipocrite - when noone hears her, she says a lot of offensive adressments on other (especially me; f.e. she tells a friend of hers: "OMG! Look like everyone has so skinny legs, and only /my name/ is so fat!!! lol.", though she always begs everyone to be nice to each other. Her veganism is also not as strict as it looks. Once she ate a broccoli soup at our cantine despite of the milk in it - she was well acknowlegded.

    This behavior really doesn't fit for an INFP in my opinion and I'm a little bit confused that I do not understand this. Is every INFP like this? She's the only one that I know. Thank you all for answers.

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    Jung said still waters run deep. He didn't say they run rainbows and flowers. I may not sound particularly INFP but this is what I like to refer to as distilled INFP. These are my thoughts refined and organized in a way that hopefully make sense to others. The house has a fresh coat of paint and the lawn is green and manicured but open the front door and it's a cluttered mess inside that I can barely navigate.

    I digress. Anyway feeling is perhaps too synonymous with emotion. Feeling = beliefs in this case and not emotions. You don't say I emotion very strongly about this. I feel very strongly. INFPs can be just as cutting sarcastic and downright mean as the next person. Often times we're guarded and emotionless on the surface. Even on these forums you're not getting to see the inner sanctum of Population: 1. It's more like the embassy. Only those truly close to us (and those are usually few) get the full experience for better or worse.

    And when you don't act all ditzy and loving of all the world people assume that you can't possibly be an INFP. It's frustrating. Will you find the archetypal (mistype in my opinion) INFP? Sure. However with any type there are variations. INFP is a filter, not a rigid mold.

    As far as hypocrisy is concerned, who isn't from time to time?

    I apologize if I sound angry. I'm not. I'm just annoyed with incorrect perceptions of the type. I identify with abstract thoughts and inner codes but the fluffy naive hippie who is an emotional basket case, not at all.
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    Is the person you describe self-tested as an INFP or is that your assessment of her? From reading the OP she could be INFP or another type.

    There can be an issue with unhealthy idealists and hypocrisy in which the idealized self and reality can have an enormous gulf. I do think that any personality type can be hypocritical, but the idealist, and especially intuitives, will tend to have the chasm between their ideology - what they believe is right and what they believe to be true about their own self, and then the concrete reality of their behavior. My impression is that this happens more when the person has issues and so compensates by making even higher ideals, which is an attempt to reject the personal flaws.

    I'm not certain what the obsession with faces without eyes is about, but it could be related to her inconsistencies of behavior. It is interesting whatever it means, and I'll think about it more. There are some cultural contexts that could explain it, but also psychological ones.
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    To be human is to be a hypocrite. And anyone who says that they're not...well, they're either lying or they completely lack self-awareness.

    INFPs can be hypocritical, double-standardizing, and prejudicial with the worst of them. I've been guilty of it myself. We're all human, and we all act less-than-perfectly. Type has very little to do with it.
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    What you're describing isn't an INFP trait. It's not type related.
    You are the only possible steward of what your soul deems as right and you should always be on your own side before anyone else...alive or dead.
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