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    Quote Originally Posted by Into It View Post
    I rely on it. Then I lack the focus to keep it in check. It's kind of a give and take situation, see?
    I like the thought of the INTP because Ti is just slowly connecting an idea to other ideas, so if you have the ability to contemplate and make intuitive leaps while doing so, I can't imagine a more efficient way to use a judging function. And the work INTPs produce supports this. An INFP must similarly have a well developed viewpoint on a much wider variety of subjects than other types.
    well said!

    The difference between the Ti-Ne (INTPs) & the Ni-Te (INTJs) ways of coming up with constructs and forms filled with substance has that quirkily different way of manifesting itself where the leading Ti versus the supportive Te (in combination with their respective Ns) 'practically' demonstrates the difference you've pointed out and the similarity with INFPs. Experiencing this similarity/difference is almost fascinating.

    where :

    the difference between INTP/INTJ = TiNe v/s NiTe, &
    the difference between INFP/ENFP = FiNe v/s NeFi, &
    the similarity between INTP/INFP = TiNe cf FiNe
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    What the poster described happens to me too. It's like my subconscious mind is a few steps ahead of my conscious one. I'll find my mind wondering to what seems to be a random song or image or memory or thought, and then I realize that it's in fact related to a topic I was just thinking of or working on. It's kind of hard to put into words because these little "clues" my brain gives me are very nonlinguistic (more visual or auditory or musical). Perhaps everyone is capable of this, but intuitives may be more keyed into it than others.

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    A lot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ThePenIsMightier View Post
    I'm the same way. If I can make an analogy that makes sense, then I know I understand what I learned.
    Everyone I know automatically discounts my analogies. It's extremely annoying. I don't let my feelings out because they're introverted, but I'm trying to understand how I come across to others through my dominant extroverted function - intuition. I have a hard time communicating because I don't ask questions for clarification or explain things thoroughly since my mind fills in the "gaps" in processes and concepts automatically.
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