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How many INFP's go on a mini hermit hiatus, every now and then?

I have a bad habit of dropping off the face of the planet, only to reemerge as if nothing happened. I love my friends, but sometimes being social gets to be a bit too exhausting and I take a month or so to not-talk-to-anyone. Eventually, I feel like shit for blowing people off, and pop back n the social scene.

There are those who understand (other introverts, or NF's) to the fullest extent possible.
Other people who don't understand either get hurt, pissed, or feel as though I don't value their friendship. And I feel horrible, because even though I get hermit-ish, its because I need to realign my headspace, not from lack of love.

I guess its the idealist in me, but I don't see why I can't pick up where I left off. as i've gotten older, I've tried harder to maintain my friendships. There's a few people that I care about dearly that have dropped me completely, and while it hurts quite terribly, I DO understand what an unreliable flake I've been over the past few years.

Any others who have the same issue? Any other type's who've had problems with my type doing this? Feedback would be helpful.

(I've rushed through this, typing rather fast. I hope my writing makes sense.)

Much love.
I've lost a lot of dear friends, over the years, due to my disappearing act. They don't get it, and I can't explain. How do you explain to people who don't comprehend the need to go into hermitude. I do this especially in times of heightened stress. I just completely shut down.