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    Question Do you remember your dreams?

    I don't really remember my dreams and I'm not a vivid dreamer. When I do remember them, it's tiny fragments that are hard to visualize. I might remember a concept or theme that was present in the dream, but not so much visual details. I have zero control over my dreams... I cannot manipulate them. They're also weird but slightly boring, like not weird enough in a way that I would want to tell people about them. Or maybe they're freakin' awesome and I just don't know it. The only "cool" thing about my dreams is that I read in them and it seems as if the text is legible, but maybe my mind is just really good at making me think that's what's going on.

    I theorize that I don't remember my dreams because I have horrible sensing abilities, so I'm wondering if other NFs are like this too.

    I'd really like to be about to dream vividly, but there was a time frame of about 3 months where I was falling asleep every night to a guided meditation about either vivid dreaming or "astral projecting." It never affected my dreams but did effectively serve it's purpose as meditation. Also, really freaky things started happening in my house, but I don't want to annoy the skeptics with those details
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    I have frequent and vivid dreams. I still remember what I dreamed about last night. I dreamed about a person I used to work with. No idea why. A lot of my dreams are about things that will happen in the future. There is worry or concerns expressed through them. I might dream about something I should be doing but forgot to do for example.

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    not really..
    I usually forget them as soon as I wake up.
    they start to fade and I'll try to hold on to them but I fail.

    sometimes I remember bits and pieces.

    but there is one dream I remember quite vividly from about 10 years ago.
    it was a lucid dream but I wasn't in full control.

    I would say my dreams are vivid, they feel vivid, I just forget because my memory is bad.
    or maybe they are just really short.

    when my dreams fade I just remember color, light, and an expression, and just blurriness..
    but I can sense someone is there.
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    Sometimes - I tend to remember the ones that either inspired me to write or "warned" me against doing stupid things that I later did anyway.
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    If I've been sleeping soundly, I remember my dreams in vivid detail the first few minutes after I wake up and then my recollections of it are very vague. When I've been sleeping fitfully (especially if I've had too much caffeine) I can hold onto the memories longer after waking, for some reason.

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    Does the vividness (I was not expecting that to be a real word but there are no squiggly lines under it) of your dreams correlate to how vivid your memory is? For example, both of mine completely blow. Do you vivid dreamers also have little difficulty recalling events?

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    I sometimes remember dreams, sometimes I remember them as soon as its over but feel myself losing it and then lose it, but there are quite a few dreams that I remember. I don't remember them in detail, but they're vivid for me nonetheless, because I don't see detail in reality either, so to someone else my dreams might be way too blurry and loose to seem vivid but to me they are usually quite vivid. I also daydream a lot and they have pretty much the same texture as sleep dreams, which also has the same texture as my awake state, so I frequently ask myself, "Did that really happen or was I daydreaming or sleep dreaming?"
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    Not an NF. Whether or not I'm more TiNe or TiSe is also up in the air.

    When I can be bothered to write about my dreams (I keep my phone in bed with me with a note for this purpose), I'm more likely to remember dreams in the future. They're usually pretty vivid. Some of them seem to be like epics in a sense that they feel like they're taking place over an extended period of time in the same way that a 22 minute episode in an anime or other tv show can cover an extended period of time in-universe.

    The confusion arises when I realize something is off inside of my dream world but am not quite lucid dreaming. Things repeat and my time line gets shuffled. Or I'll go into semi-awake twilight zone and replay the events of my dream, or even dream about writing down my dream, and then immediately forget because there's no need to remember anymore, right?

    Sometimes I'll have a really vivid dream but when I wake up, I can't remember anything about it. Then out of nowhere something will trigger my memory of the dream later in the day, and that usually brings the whole thing back.

    When I read through old dreams, I can usually recall specific images from those dreams as they were when I first dreamed them. It's interesting how those connections don't really die out.

    I have several recurring themes in my dreams. The main two of mine are surgeries (usually but not always open heart, and I'm always the one on the table) and flying (this one is something of a development arc because I usually get better at it with each dream).
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    Not a NF type but as they say sometimes some Chinese food at an Indian themed meal isnt a bad thing . I remember roughly 80% of them and they are always very surreal (I have never had a normal mundane dream as far as i can remember).
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    I can relate @RareBird, my dreams are mostly remembered as a vague few images, or a theme that's at the back of my mind.

    Generally, whenever I feel that my dream is about to get lucid, my mind gets too active/aware and I wake up.

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