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    Well, I live in India which is not a very NF country I'm afraid...and nor is my city...India was probably NF before all the corruption seeped in...
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    I think every country is probably ESTJ, it's just a question of how much influence NF's have managed to get. I think Canada is pretty NF fo sho, although our current Prime Minister is hardcore ESTJ fo sho (which is why he seems so "american"). I think Canada's legal system is pretty NF for the most part, and our principals of healthcare are also very NF. We also have some ENTP, too, I think (cause of Trudeau). I think NF's could be happy hear because alot of things work based on the ideals we should live by, and most of those ideals are pretty good, and work fairly wlel in a practical sense.

    West coast is probably the most ENFP style, or maybe some kind of NFJ. The prairies almost seems like ISFJ, just because it's like ISTJ but with NDP politics, which is very NF socialistic, and then Ontario is probably the most SJ, probably EsFJ though -down to business but still likeable and friendly for the most part. I'm not sure about Quebec because it's a complicated place soemtimes, but the east coast seems very ISFJ, too, because it's very traditional but still very warm and very friendly. The northern territories are hard to type because no one lives there and there are so many social issues still lingering from the residential school days (most of the northern population is native to my knowledge).

    But every culture still ends up dominated by ESTJ's in the end, I think, but the way ESTJ's behave can be dictated by how much sway NF's or NT's or SP's have had.

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