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    Default What are the 'intellectual' leanings of NF's?

    Well one of the precepts or underlining ideas and concepts of the MBTI is that being an 'N' (intuition) generally makes one more interesting in concepts and leaning towards theoritically interests and pursuits that tend to be a little intellectual in nature; but I was wondering generally, what are they and out of the NF's here what are they on a personal levle for your self? We generally aren't for sure as action oriented but I just don't know if I see it as much? or maybe it's less obvious to me. I suppose that area or aspect of NF is just not all too readily expressed or exposed online as much? or even amongst NF's themselves, they like to keep it to themselves? It just seems like most ofte NTs hold this crown and are considered to be the only analytical or temperaments that do this. I see some spirituality I guess? the MBTI itself is a good example I suppose, but maybe now since the pharmacuetical business has become so lucreative it's sort of silenced any endeavors of the self.

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    We are mostly intrigued by the human complexity and our connection with the universe at large. Art. Music. Books. Philosophy. Religion. Psychology.
    Of course, there are many NFs who are just like the NTs in terms of personal interests.
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    I'd like to share my perspective. I'm an INFJ.

    I have many NT-like interests. Science, especially physics and neuro/cognitive science, mathematics, analytic philosophy. I also adore the humanities and deeply 'spiritual' (although I've come to quite dislike the term due to how it's generally understood in the current cultural predicament).

    I think my ability to analyze things is pretty on par with most NTs. Obviously, extremely intelligent INTPs and INTJs will probably be able to see the underlying logical structure or obvious logical or organizational relations between things faster than I can. But Ni-Ti, when the INFJs tertiary is well-developed, can be extremely powerful in short-doses, perhaps even moreso than Ti/Ni with their auxiliaries.

    I believe Ludwig Wittgenstein and Baruch Spinoza were INFJs.

    The linguistic analog of Ni-Fi is, I think, insight and the internal logical articulation & conscious understanding of that insight. And how can this not be powerful within its specific domain?

    The problem, and trick is, understanding Ni-Ti is a rather unhealthy loop when used for too long. It is fundamentally cold and devoid of the human element. For purely academic or non-humanistic pursuits, this should be just fine, but it's important for myself to get out of this mode of thinking and reengage with interpersonal activities.

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    I enjoy discovering new art and going to galleries, because many of the things the artist is trying to do or explore, is really just the physical manifestation of their psyche, and at large, of a given society in a snapshot of time. It not only takes a certain degree of practical ability, particularly the sculptors, but it often brings in many levels of psychology. When I look at an art piece, I do not only look at it as something of intellectual value, but something that also has the ability to question or bring to light, many of the struggles and aspirations we share as humans. The walls of social class, of race, and any other differences between us all are transcended through artistic expression.

    Is this an intellectual endeavor in the traditional understanding, maybe, maybe not. But the parallel between art and philosophy to me is quite obvious. This also extends to any other forms of artistic expression. To me, art is much the same as any NT exploration of theory, but plays within a field of material manipulation. The ideas are all there right in front of you, you just need to connect the dots on your own.
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    I'd say things of the spiritual nature would be most common intellectual pursuit you'd find in NFs. This has many shapes and forms.

    For me it is Astronomy and Astrophysics. I also like psychology a lot and am slightly interested in animal psychology. I know, futile, but I still think animal have some forms of self awareness and thought that is simply not understood well by us. Watch them socially interact and you will understand what I mean. There's more than "survival instincts".

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