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    So I was speaking to an INFJ in this community and told them about an experience I sometimes have, where I kind of fixate on a certain perspective or on someone's likely thought process, obsess over it for a short amount of time and cannot let it go until something feels "right", like I've "done it", and then I can move on. So for example I might see someone in a situation and think about what their thought process must have been, and I can't stop thinking about it, and I have to keep thinking about it from slightly different angles (sorry, I'm not describing this very well) until finally something just softly clicks in my head and I can let it go and feel like I've accomplished it. Or I might imagine a scenario from someone else's perspective and fixate on how it would be until I feel like I've finally got it correctly and can let go of the idea. It's really weird, and the INFJ I was speaking to said they related to it too (although I might just have explained it badly), and I wondered if other INFJ relate to this at all? Could it be an "INFJ quirk", since I think I might be an INFJ too? Can anyone else relate to this experience?



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    That's your Fe working, yo. ;p

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    If I understand you correctly it is something I do nearly all the time. :-)

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    YES. I went through my first ever break up longer ago than I care to admit and i've absolutely obsessed over it. Thing is I have had a few people i've spoken to about it assume that I want to be back with this person which isn't the case. As far as my conscience tells me, I don't want to be back where I was! I'm not trying to fix the relationship! I'm trying to fix an explanation in my mind that fits what happened and why. Like you, I just long for complete understanding of other's motivations.
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