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    I, personally, will believe in almost any abstract concept that has little to no evidence of being, maybe, even remotely accurate..because I think that us humans aren't behind the wheel, and that we cannot say, think, prove, or do anything in the grand scheme of things, and that there is something bigger out there, whatever it be, that is beyond all it should be. I think that God is possible, I believe that we are souls, I can beleive metaphysical, spiritual, and supernatural concepts, because I think that people assume way to much, even with "proper" evidence, and that the typical human can't say any of these are true or living human can, no matter how intellectual or spiritual. I may be contradicting myself, telling you what I believe, but its just that. They can be beliefs..after all, thats what everything is based off of: beleif. No one knows for can we? We weren't sent here to conspiracize, or assume.

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    I'm a sceptic but I do believe more on possibilities than the average sceptic person. So, with most of stuff, I give it a possibility because I don't know even if something is not scientifically proven. But I don't really believe in anything that I don't know either. That is why I have problems with religion, baucause I don't know if it's true even if it might be true/real/actual.

    Thanks to Peguy I'm defining this thing now better:
    I'm very open minded sceptic person who believes that (almost) everything is possible.

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    i believe that life is too mundane for faith-based religions to be true. If your religion's preacher ever says something along the lines of "why do you need proof? showing faith through lack of proof proves your dedication to the cause", i'm not interested in your religion.

    actually, if your religion requires a preacher or other figure-head to remind you of your beliefs, i'm not interested.

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