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    Quote Originally Posted by five sounds View Post
    . things effect me deeply. i can see a family eating dinner or a big old tree in a park and be emotionally moved in a real way. that's how i see my sensitivity play out the most.
    this is extremely true for me. i am largely moved by things that seem insignificant to others. for example, i'm often moved in the evening by watching traffic pouring over the brooklyn bridge. somewhere in the midst of the sea of headlights, someone had the greatest day of their life and someone else had the worst. someone got engaged. someone got fired. now they're all battling each other to get across the east river and most of them don't even think twice about who's driving the car next to them.

    i'm also moved by even more seemingly random things like street names and road signs. the main road through campus at my school was called "campus drive," and when i was rummaging around in the university archives, i found an old map from the 1960s which showed that it was originally called "myrtle drive." i got hit by the most intense wave of nostalgia for a time before i even existed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Forever_Jung View Post
    Yeah it seems like a horrible thing to be called when you're little, but now I try to frame it like I'm a very sensitive instrument, finely tuned, something that picks up on things other less delicate instruments miss. It makes me sound useful!
    True. It is funny though how many people want you to dull your blade for their convenience and comfort of mind.

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