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    I always do assignments for school or projects for work at the last minute. I'm too busy doing the stuff I really enjoy to give one thought to that crap until a few hours before deadline. Yeah I'm usually up doing it late at night.
    Somebody has to be fabulous, it might as well be me! LOL

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    That happens to me all the time...I get stuck or distracted and end up doing my work at the last minute...but for some reason it usually doesn't affect the quality of my work.
    Even as I'm typing right now, I'm supposed to be doing schoolwork, lol.

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    I work best early in the morning, and early in the evening. I'd say between 7 and 11 eleven AM, and between 17 and 21 PM.
    I can't do anything late at night, except dancing at the disco. I don't particularly enjoy working last minute: I definitely prefer going to bed. I like to have regular sleeping habits, otherwise I become cranky.
    So I divide tasks in small pieces and do them day-by-day in a continuos stream: this strategy gives me a lot of completely free time (I say "completely" because given that I have already done the work that was due, I do not have the nagging feeling in the back of my mind), and as a plus leaves me quite relaxed.
    The results so far have also been good in terms of GPA, working and athletic "accomplishment", even though being accomplished is far from being my primary aim.

    Something I absolutely hate is doing an assignment in the way the professor wants me to do it in order to get a good grade. My ISFJ girlfriend is able to work less than me on them (ceteris paribus as far as results go) because she is able to compromise and write what the professor likes. I prefer to gather all the possible informations available in order to support my thesis/case/conclusion, even if this means that I will need more days to complete the project.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sophiedoph View Post
    Sometime in college I developed a very bad habit of waiting until the night before whatever is due to begin working on it. Since then this habit has persisted. Basically I think I doubt my ability to complete said task, and avoid it like the plague until I am forced to work on it. Since this is usually at night, I begin working on it when I am very tired and no longer have the energy/strength of will to think about how very awful it will turn out/how hard it will be/how I will never be able to do it right. And I finally do it, and usually it turns out pretty well!

    I wish so much I could change this and just work on stuff when I need to, but I can't get over the mental block that I will perform poorly and it will never be done to my satisfaction.

    Thus I do my best work usually in the middle of the night, before it is due.

    Just curious... anyone else have this?
    I'm the same way. Like exactly the same. Except I'm a night person so I usually have at least a little energy cropped up from nowhere to be able to do it.

    I prefer the night, no distractions.

    College papers? Night before or night before that.
    Finals? I don't really study, if I do, night before.

    God I'm going to lose my INTJ card.
    "The life of the individual has meaning only insofar as it aids in making the life of every living thing nobler and more beautiful."
    - Albert Einstein

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    Haven't read the thread, so I am just going to post.

    While I was in college, I generally totally forgot an assignment until about 3-7 days before it was due. DOH! Then, I said, "Awww, I'll do it tomorrow." over and over again until there was one day left. Then I said, "Oh, shit! I need to read 12 books and write a ten page paper today!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    Okay, so I cancelled class and sat down and skimmed, then pseudo-read all twelve books plus a few extra articles and a few extra tidbits, then I needed about an hour for my intro. After the hour for the intro it was like BOOOM!!!! I wrote and wrote and wrote and wrote non-stop for about 3-4 hours. Then I took two hours for reviewing, proofreading, and one hour for works cited, and VOILÀ!!!! A magestic work of at least 2 (B) material and generally 1- (A-) material in a grand total of 8-12 hours.

    Hell, am I good, or am I good?! :-P

    Of course, this was no proof of my grand knowledge or insight. But it was proof that I instinctively knew exactly what was important, exactly what the professor wanted to hear (that's the key folks, not what you know - what you know the PROFESSOR wants to HEAR), and exactly what farts you should fart when. Yup and it worked almost every time. Muahahahahahhahha!!!! *rubs hands together and cackles with glee*

    Trust me folks, education is a JOKE. K? So laugh a little, fart a little, and just be a dumbass.

    It's the best way
    to get an A.

    That's all folks! Ta-Da!
    If you are interested in language, words, linguistics, or foreign languages, check out my blog and read, post, and/or share.

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