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    when I'm doing things that I doubt rather I should or shouldn't be doing them, I get a gut feeling and it turns very awkward. One such an example, I can remember, was I was riding with one of my friends in a car with three of his other older friends, and they I got really nervous, and worried about things like..he's driving to fast..I hope they don't bring out any drugs or anything..I hope my parents don't see me..I hope we don't get in an accident..ahh! It's really an uncomfortable feeling..

    Anyways, I don't know if this was even close to what you were trying to ask about, but It is the awkwardness I feel in some social situations..

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    Quote Originally Posted by locke View Post
    I'm wondering if other INFPs feel the same way in very awkward and uncomfortable social situations. When I'm in such a situation I tend to get very anxious and feel like what I would describe as a very poor ISTP. I'm very focused on what's immediately in front of me and can only really make very simple, logical decisions about it. My I and P feel exaggerated way more than usual. It's like I'm stuck in a fight or flight mode and very confused about it.

    lol this happens with me and im quite obviously and ENFP

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    Yeah, I've been there on many occasions. I think sometimes I come across as being cold and uncaring because of this. When I'm tense I don't want anyone around me and I just want to get the job done. I tend to be analytical about everything when I'm in the zone.

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