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    Default What Does Your Feeling Decision Stream of Consciousness Look Like?

    Recall a time when you made a feeling decision and try to reconstruct your stream of consciousness. Say how in or out of character it is for you.

    Here's mine: Deciding how to handle my cat that ran away from home and is now feral.

    Context: My cat ran out the door about a month ago and I thought she was dead. A few days ago I saw her walk across the back yard.

    Stream of consciousness: It feels surreal to see her because I dreamed several nights ago that I saw her and she was acting normal. I think of the movie Pet Cemetery momentarily. I feel guilty for a moment because I was relieved when she ran away from home, because she is vicious (she was an abandoned kitten and has never learned to fully trust humans), and my baby will soon be crawling. She cannot be trusted with him. I wonder how I will handle her once I catch her. I think to myself I will get her declawed after she's been acclimated to being back in the house a couple weeks or so. I carry my baby outside and call her. I watch her instantly bolt across the yard. I wonder if she remembers me. I wonder if she's gone feral. It's time to make dinner, and it's also time to feed my baby. I have no time to try to catch her, and I will probably scare her even further if I try, anyway. If I just let her be, she will be more likely to return. Anyway, she is in the section of the back yard that is returning to nature and is forested, and it is full of poison ivy. I have no intention of getting poison ivy by traipsing through the woods after her. I imagine having poison ivy and giving it to my baby, and I think about how poison ivy might even kill him. I set food and water out for her, hoping she will return for it and smell my scent on it. I imagine her living as an outdoor cat but then think of how she will not be able to survive the winter. So my decision ends up being to set food and water out for her but not to try too aggressively to catch her yet.

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    I don't have an example I feel like using, but I tend to ask myself questions like..

    Am I being as understanding as I could be?

    How should things have gone?

    Are my expectations reasonable?

    Is it acceptable for someone to act that way?

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