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[Ask an NTP You come back here Jack and you give a proper hug!]

Srsly though Nomad -- I've said this before but I think ENFP males have it *rough*. You guys seem to flip even more over girls than your ENFP female counterparts and just pine over it. Your post sounds eerily exactly like ENFP bro' FindTheJake's posts about his girl woes last year.

My advice? If you fully process each relationship and break-up, it will get easier and easier as time goes by. Pain is a process of growth.

I haven't had back to back 'break-ups' but I've had a series of regrettable entanglements, let's put it that way, that really chewed up my nougaty NF center. It's pain mang, pain.

But you honor those feelings, work through it, figure out the why and how, then you decide how you wanna live from this point forward, and you grow accordingly.

Was that vague enough for you?

I wasn't sure exactly what you were looking for, but I'm trying to help an ENFP brother out. So just let me know.

PS And of course, sorry you're hurting mang. Then again, if you didn't hurt, they probably weren't very worthwhile relationships.
wait... so the whole uncontrollable pre-occupation with women is an enfp thing?

i always thought it was just me... well, damn. the last two relationships i was in have kinda put me in a state of apathy, but the feelings come out around night time when i'm alone. it's kind of a drag. trying not to think about girls and relationships doesn't always work but it's worth the effort. enfp-ness can be a real drag. hang in there.