I am an INFJ and wanting to transition out of end-user technical support. I have no degree and refuse to take out the necessary student loans to get one.

I don't really care for end-user tech support for the following reasons:
1. Monotony... same products, same problems
2. Metric-driven environment... how many calls, avg call time, closed tickets
3. High percentage of frustrated customers... why won't this !@#$% thing work
4. Inability to pace workflow... you are tied to your phone and must be ready to drop everything to answer it. My last two tech support jobs, when you come in in the morning, you are expected to jump right in the phone queue and read your email as you have time.
5. Perception as a liability... most companies view tech support as a liability to be managed and a prime target for cost-cutting
6. Perception as low-skill... in my present company, even the software QA guys are seen as a cut above us
7. Out of the loop... in almost every tech support position I have held, tech support is either expected to learn the product as they support it or have been given only the most rudimentary knowledge. Only as issues are escalated are we really given the real meat of the inner workings of the product.

I have a wife and a little one on the way, so I need a head-of-household income. I can handle doing tech support but I am bored and unfulfilled. Any suggestions for this INFJ?