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    Default ISTJ and ENFP conflict?

    What are two conflict these two types might come across? ENFP's use Ne are made laid-back on the rules. While ISTJ's are too strict on the rules. The downfall is that both types penalty each other for their weaker function. ENFP's may miss the details and may be flighty due to inferior Si. ISTJ's are too strict on the rules.

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    I'd say the ISTJ may get sometimes frustrated by the ENFP's disorganization and overactive imagination when it comes to working together, but overall as an ENFP I have a good relationship with ISTJs

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    Istj's have my back. I appreciate them and working with them on the same team increases rather than decreases my security.

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    It's actually a really good pairing if the couple involved is mature enough to handle it -- a couple I'm very close to have this pairing and it's pretty dynamic. Probably the biggest problem is his tendency to retreat when things become overwhelming emotionally and her tendency to spew under the same circumstances -- can you guess which is which? He creates stability and support in the relationship and she's the entrepreneur; she brings warmth and caring to someone who has had very little of that in his life because people see (and use) him as the rock. His practical life skills are unbelievable and he's happily willing to teach her these things -- and she's happy to learn. I think "opposites attract" creates very strong, creative partnerships if the couples involved are open to dealing with the conflict involved and the opportunity to create something greater than the sum of the parts -- but this old-fashioned ideal unfortunately seems to have given way to the divorce courts as the vehicle for working things out.

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