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Thread: Famous INFPs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haphazard View Post
    More turbulence, as in more ups and downs in an inconsistent manner, rather than consistently staying low, or being steady like a plot diagram.
    That sounds completely the wrong way round to me :S Surely the INFJ would be much more structured and consistent and the INFP turbulent as well as 'up and down'?

    Judging by myself this is definitely the case - you can hardly get more turbulent and less organised. As to writers where this is prominent I would certainly agree with whoever said Carson McCullers, who I identify a lot with. I would also definitely say Virginia Woolf (I know she does tend to be on them lists as well...). They also share that concern with perspective and being 'trapped in your own mind', where I would also place Charlie Kaufman, agreeing with whoever mentioned him. The element of absurdism and a dislocated reality you have in Kaufman also seems very INFP to me and part of the whole idealistic tendency and to me things don't really get more INFP than Camus. I guess that could be a point in favour of Lynch, but I'm not sure his surrealism is of quite the same kind, so I'm rather undecided there.

    As to Thomas Hardy I'm not quite sure. I would probably lean towards him being S rather than N. I guess that is a good thing that for once I actually like a writer who is not my type :P I would agree that finding people of your own type boring is perhaps an indication that you might not be that type after all. When I started reading up on typology I was slightly worried that I had just decided I was an INFP because that's what all the awesome people were, but it is probably the other way around :P Which is another reason I won't comment about some people discussed here: I really don't like them so I'm definitely prejudiced and want to expel them from my type :P

    I think it might be right that Dylan is an INFP, but there does seem to me to be something a bit more S there as well... I think possibly he has a well developed N even though the S is dominant? There seems to me to be a kind of... quantitative thing about him... that just feels more S... but then again there is the idealistic element as well. To me the case actually seems rather similar to that of Hardy...

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    St. Augustine
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    David Foster Wallace

    Quote Originally Posted by travelinthrough View Post
    James Taylor - love him.
    I was named after him. Hilarious that we are the same psychological type!
    Autistic INFP

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thursday View Post
    hayden christensen ?
    i think so
    I spent awhile watching interviews trying to type Hayden Christensen the other day and definitely conclude INFP.
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    ~ Isaiah 61:1,3
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